Intalio Developer Edition

Spent yesterday evening at the Institute of Electrical Engineers in London with Arnaud and the guys from Intalio getting the score on their release schedule.  They are doing a whistle-stop tour of briefings in major European cities, so having been over to IntalioCon in June I thought I would make the shorter journey to London to catch-up.

The most interesting development from my perspective were the intentions around Intalio Developer Edition.  This is a pure open source play which will enhance Intalio’s credentials in the OSS arena.

The stack builds up from the foundation of the Apache ODE bpm server.  Instead of Tempo, workflow utilises Singleshot as the task manager.  Singleshot is a Ruby app.  Above ODE and Singleshot is SimPEL, a scripting language for coding BPEL.

Intalio plan to develop bindings for this stack to perform with a number of languages.  The first release will liekly have support for PHP, Ruby and Java.  If I can make a distinction between enterprisey and web 2.0, I think this is going to take BPM to a new cadre of developers.

Once something firmer is released I’ll have a worthy topic of interest to take to ncl.rb.


One comment on “Intalio Developer Edition

  1. Interesting. But seems to be the same market where jBPM is targeting to – simple, embedable, lightweight workflow runtime. Looks very similar – Eclipse-based editor for the proprietary BPM notation, may be more administrative interfaces and human workflow, but it’s doubtful wherever developers will by the XForms-driven forms instead of just coding them directly.

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