BPM 2.0

I’ve mentioned REST-based BPM frequently on this blog and was able to express my ‘frustrations’ at IntalioCon earlier this year.

But, there is movement in the market, and after a 3+ month gap in her blog posts, Christina Lau is presenting IBM’s take on BPM 2.0.

To build a true BPM as a Service ecosystem that leverages the web and provides value to business and IT, many services must be made available through REST

REST track at QCon was widely reported, Random Stuff has the main links and WorldWideWebber was blogging real time.

The madgreek recently posted a good piece on open source SOA.

There has been recent debate about BPEL on the blogs.  BPEL is a tool for WS-* orchestration for enterprise integration.  The realm of the enterprise architect.  But BPM isn’t software engineering.

I continue to be excited about BPM and REST-based services.  The use of links that kinda auto-magically determine the process trajectory at run-time rather than being coded into the process before hand is, I think, a new dimension to what we are currently doing with BPMS.


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